Dr. Seuss & The Naughty Leprechaun

What a great time we had in March! We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ Birthday on March 2nd with trips to the library and GREEN Eggs and Ham! Stone soup was a great story, and our version of stone soup was delicious! The children really enjoyed bring vegetables to share with their class.

We had an uninvited visitor for Saint Patrick’s Day—that naughty ol’ Leprechaun paid us a visit and sure left a mess. He tipped over chairs, dumped out the toys and left green footprints everywhere! We weren’t able to catch him in the traps made by the Pre-K class, but we will try again next year!

During Spring Break, Adventure Camp, we made bug catchers, and planted for spring. The children enjoyed watching and playing with the real worms in the sensory table. Wednesday was cooking day. We made monkey bread, homemade pizza, and Jell-O aquariums. Thursday we tried our hands at baseball, soccer and gymnastics-what a workout.

We had a great turnout for the Ager Indoor Playground, it was nice to see so many families join us and spend time getting to know each other.

April 10-15 is The Week of the Young Child. We will be hosting an activity at Southeast Community College on Saturday April 9th from 9:00-1:00. This is a free event for all families. We would love to see you there!!